Commercial Property

  • Insurance coverage that covers all real property that is used in day-to-day business. It is property that is used in day-to-day business.

General Liability

  • Coverage that is broad in nature. Covers everything from property damage liability and bodily injury liability exposures in any business. It is very broad ranging but can be combined with one or more other lines of commercial insurance.

Professional Liability

  • Insurance coverage for Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and many other professionals, where their decisions affect the outcome of other people lives. He can best advise as to which would be the best coverage for their respective professions.

Cyber Risk with Active Insurance

  • Security and insurance to help you spot and prevent cyber risk before it strikes
    • Active Risk Assessment – Live view of digital risk powered by industry-leading technology and cyber expertise
    • Active Protection – Personalized monitoring and alerting designed to prevent risk before it escalates
    • Active Response – Access to in-house claims and incident response teams who can work quickly to respond and recover

Commercial Auto

  • Vehicles used for business, albeit rented, purchased, leased or owned. For coverage that is for the day to day uses for a business. Flexible coverage; liability, Comprehensive, Loss of Use, or Collision.

Workers Compensation

  • Insurance to cover your employees should they suffer an injury while working at their job. Protects the income that may be lost, because they are unable to work as a result of their injury. Also covers the cost of any medical treatment that may be needed.
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